Tax Services

Carlos Picos Argentina has a highly qualified team of professionals specialized in tax and social contributions matters with a vast experience and knowledge in such areas therefore, we offer a skilled, comprehensive and excellent quality advice to companies and individuals as well.

With the aim of being updated on a permanent basis with regard to current changes in laws and regulations, our professionals are actively trained and keep their specialization updated at local and international levels and they have completed Graduate Studies and Masters in prestigious national and foreign Universities.

Services include tax advice and planning as well as the corresponding procedures in all instances.

Among the various services offered we include the following:

  • Signatures certifications

  • Comprehensive Due Diligence Procedures.

  • Local and International Tax Advice.

  • Application of International Conventions in order to prevent Double Taxation and Tax Information Exchange.

  • Analysis of Transfer Pricing.

  • Information regarding technical consultations.

  • Presentation of consultations before tax authorities.

  • Diagnosis of companies’ tax situation and advice to customers before tax administration offices.

  • Corporate restructure.

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Legal Services

Our Legal Department offers highly specialized and personalized services both, at a corporate level and before personal situations that involve entrepreneurs, officers, managers and companies responsible individuals.

Our strong international standpoint allows us to provide legal and notarial services and therefore, to carry out legalizations of all kinds to be submitted abroad.

Corporate Legal Services:

  • Signatures certifications.

  • Registration of trademarks and patents.

  • Notarial registrations, notarial certified copies and certifications.

  • Elaboration of powers of attorney.

  • Legalization of documents to be filed with in different countries.

  • Apostilles.

  • Translation of legal documents by Sworn Translators.

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Accounting Services

Carlos Picos Argentina Accounting Department consists of a highly qualified team that provides the following services to local and foreign firms:

Accounting Services for physical individuals

  • Tax advice.

  • Tax analysis and payment.

  • Income tax.

  • Personal property tax.

  • Turnover Tax.

  • Inspections assistance.

  • Advice and confection of easy terms of taxes payment.

  • Registration, advice and assistance in category changes for single taxpayers.

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Accounting services for companies

We provide a comprehensive assistance with regard to accountancy, taxes, payment of salaries and social security contributions, processing all the information when so requested by customers. We also offer a customized attention, advice and legal assistance in tax or labor inspections.

We elaborate reports and/or projections for internal use or to be filed to third parties.

We view our services as a “comprehensive solution” including support, advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Accounting area

  • Tax area

  • Labor and Social Security areas

We elaborate monthly management reports which include: Statement of Financial Conditions, Income Statement, evolution of taxes payments and analysis of costs and income.

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Foreign companies in Argentina

Registration of Foreign Companies in Argentina

We provide advice and carry out the formalities that must be fulfilled by foreign juridical structures when they decide to develop activities within the national territory, including the purchase of properties, the development of investments, and their participation as shareholder of any kind of local corporations or the registration of any branch or subsidiary in order to develop economic activities.

We are experts in corporate and tax aspects of foreign companies in the Republic of Argentina. In accordance with Law 19.550 of Commercial Corporations, foreign companies may act in the Republic of Argentina as:

  • Shareholder

  • Branch or subsidiary

Some of the formalities we carry out related to the registration of companies in Argentina are:

  • Registration of foreign companies in the Federal Capital

  • Registration of foreign companies in the Province of Buenos Aires

  • Registration before the AFIP (CDI or CUIT, as applicable)

  • Registration in Gross Income

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Fulfillment requirements of foreign companies in Argentina

We provide advice and carry out the formalities requested from foreign juridical structures when they decide to develop activities within the national territory such as:

  • Purchase properties

  • Participate as shareholder in any local corporate structure

  • Incorporate a branch or subsidiary

  • Carry out economic activities

Our firm is specialized in the regularization of foreign companies that started operating in Argentina before the General Inspectorate of Justice changed the regulations that rules foreign companies’ activities. It is possible to adjust such situations and regularize them either by establishing the registered office in the Province of Buenos Aires or in the Federal Capital.

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Companies in Argentina

We have a team highly trained for the creation of local Argentinean companies and foreign companies as well. Our services may include the management and accounting maintenance.

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  • Limited Liability Corporations in Argentina Request information and budget

  • Foreign Corporations in Argentina Request information and budget

  • Corporations abroad Request information and budget

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VAT refund for Business Trips

Carlos Picos Argentina, through various alliances worldwide, has developed a pioneering service in Uruguay, “SmarTAX – Save money in your business trips” through which, for business trips of Uruguayan and regional firms, we manage the recovery and posterior reimbursement of the VAT of expenses incurred in various European Unions countries and other countries in the world.

Your legal residency in Argentina

We take care of every procedure to obtain your legal residency in Argentina, making it easy and fast.

We manage the entire process, guiding and joining you in every stage of the way.

Our services include:

  • Scheduling a hearing

  • Official translation and legalization of documents

  • Inscription of certificates in the Argentina public registry

  • Notary certifications

  • Personalized assistance on the day of the hearing, accompanying the applicant, with attention in both English and Spanish

  • Applications for family groups and minors

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We offer a personalized, professional service.
We also provide legal and accounting services upon demand.

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