Tax Services

Carlos Picos Consultora has a highly qualified team of professionals specialized in tax and social contributions matters with a vast experience and knowledge in such areas therefore, we offer a skilled, comprehensive and excellent quality advice to companies and individuals as well.

With the aim of being updated on a permanent basis with regard to current changes in laws and regulations, our professionals are actively trained and keep their specialization updated at local and international levels and they have completed Graduate Studies and Masters in prestigious national and foreign Universities.

Services include tax advice and planning as well as the corresponding procedures in all instances.

Among the various services offered we include the following:

  • Tax Audits.

  • Comprehensive Due Diligence Procedures.

  • Local and International Tax Advice.

  • Application of International Conventions in order to prevent Double Taxation and Tax Information Exchange.

  • Analysis of Transfer Pricing.

  • Information regarding Technical Consultations.

  • Presentation of consultations before tax authorities.

  • Diagnosis of companies’ tax situation and advice to customers before tax administration offices.

  • Corporate restructure.

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Legal Services

Our Legal Department offers highly specialized and personalized services both, at a corporate level and before personal situations that involve entrepreneurs, officers, managers and companies responsible individuals.

Corporate Legal Services:

  • Advice and application of Agreements to prevent Double Taxation and for Tax Information Exchange.

  • Analysis and Reports of Transfer Pricing.

  • Patents and Trademarks Registrations.

  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

  • Legal and tax advice for athletes and artists.

  • Residence procedures.

  • Elaboration of modern local, regional and international commercial and financial contracts.

  • Establishment of branches, representation offices and re-domiciliation of companies.

  • Corporate affairs (shareholders agreements, capital increases or reductions, bylaws amendments, management of corporate books, corporate transformations, dissolutions and liquidation of companies, resolving corporate disputes, etc.).

  • Franchising, representations and distributions.

  • Employment contracts and general advice.

  • Contracts and outsourcing processes.

  • Labor audits and labor checking.

  • Representation and advice in individual and collective labor conflicts.

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Personal Legal Services:

  • Family matters (Successions, organization of properties, divorces, minors custody, alimonies).

  • Business and Civil Claims (Goods purchase/sale, traffic accidents, damages claims, contractual responsibility, extracontractual responsibility, professional responsibility, Notary Public records, second professional opinion).

  • Commercial Projects (own new businesses, new businesses for spouses or family member, investments, franchises, renting of real estate, administration and accounting management formalities).

  • Labor relationship (domestic staff contracts, salaries and wages liquidation and documentation formalities, termination of personnel agreements, support and defense in labor claims).

  • Causes in consumers affairs (complaints and claims against suppliers, complaints before the Consumer Defense Area, representation and support in consumers causes, property, products and services guaranties, resolution or termination of contracts with suppliers).

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Accounting Services

Carlos Picos Consultora Accounting Department has a highly qualified team of certified public accountants and professionals who provide the following services to local and foreign firms:

  • Accounting Reports (Auditing, Limited Revision and Compilation Reports).

  • Tax accountancy in accordance with IRFS regulations.

  • Balance sheets and reports according to central banks regulations.

  • Reconciliation of bank accounts through accounting records.

  • Calculation and settlement of corporate and personal taxes.

  • Monthly processing of commercial documentation and other supplementar records.

  • Control and Record of Bookkeeping and presentation of Annual Balance Sheet.

  • Payment of salaries and wages and Social Security contributions.

  • Management services.

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At Carlos Picos Consultora we are specialists in the creation and administration of Uruguayan Companies.

Uruguayan companies may be acquired both by residents and non-residents in Uruguay, generating significant advantages for non-residents since Uruguay applies the Principle of Jurisdiction of the Source. Therefore, the activity generated overseas and the profits obtained do not pay any taxes.

Uruguayan companies are very much applicable and disseminated worldwide because of the following characteristics:

  • Uruguay is neither qualified as a tax haven nor a country of low taxation in any jurisdiction.

  • There is banking, taxing and professional secrecy which can only be lifted through a judicial order in the event of a proven fraud.

  • Corporations shares can be issued as shares to bearer or registered shares. In both cases, they will comply with the requirements set forth by Law Nº 18.930.

  • All Uruguayan corporations are ruled by the Law of Commercial Corporations Nº 16.060 which establishes formalities that enable them to be presented before any foreign tax authority. Such a distinctive characteristic makes it different from other jurisdictions offered by countries with low taxation or tax havens.

In addition, we manage the opening of your company bank account, both in local and foreign banks.

VAT refund for Business Trips

Carlos Picos Consultora, through various alliances worldwide, has developed a pioneering service in Uruguay, “SmarTAX – Save money in your business trips” through which, for business trips of Uruguayan and regional firms, we manage the recovery and posterior reimbursement of the VAT of expenses incurred in various European Unions countries and other countries in the world.

Your legal residency in Uruguay

We take care of every procedure to obtain your legal residency in Uruguay, making it easy and fast.

We manage the entire process, guiding and joining you in every stage of the way.

Our services include:

  • Scheduling a hearing

  • Official translation and legalization of documents

  • Inscription of certificates in the Uruguayan public registry

  • Notary certifications

  • Personalized assistance on the day of the hearing, accompanying the applicant, with attention in both English and Spanish

  • Applications for family groups and minors

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We offer a personalized, professional service.
We also provide legal and accounting services upon demand.

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